Why webcast?

You’ve planned it for months… maybe years. You’ve lined up a great keynote speaker. The presenters are top quality. This year’s theme is the best yet. Attendance is up. It’s the perfect event. But wouldn’t it be great to reach an even larger audience? And have a recording available anytime, anywhere, for those who couldn’t make it to the event, but also as a teaser for next year? And increase your return on investment?


You should add a webcast!

A video webcast is just like a live televised version of your event, only better… you’re not limited by the reach of a network or specialty channel, because anyone with a computer can participate. And you control all aspects of the branding and delivery of the message, plus you can provide synchronized slides and audience response tools to make the virtual meeting as much like the in-room event as possible.


You may be thinking, this is going to cost a fortune! Broadcasting is not cheap!

It’s true that traditional broadcasting is expensive. Very few events managers would consider buying airtime on a cable channel… even if they could identify a limited market to do it in. And satellite facilities are pricy. But for webcasting, all you would need is to add a camera to the staging setup (you already have audio and lights), install a high-speed internet connection, and get us to bring our onsite encoding kit. And the cost will be thousands of dollars, not tens of thousands.


But why would anyone come to the meeting if they can just watch it online?

If being physically present at a conference didn’t mean something, potential participants would be content to grab copies of the presentations and speeches after the fact. Conference participants are there to network, to participate in discussion groups, and to take time away from their busy schedules to reflect on the topic at hand. In our experience, that core audience will not be satisfied with a webcast, although they may watch the archive if they've missed anything. However, there are hundreds – perhaps thousands – of potential participants who are not willing or able to travel to take part in the conference, but would still pay for the content. These are your primary targets… and our pay-per-view service allows you to monetize that audience, as well as give them enough information to decide if they want to participate in person next year. Yes, webcasting can INCREASE your attendance! Another approach is to webcast only a portion of the event for free as a teaser, to encourage participation for next year.


But now you may be thinking, this is going to be a headache to organize.

We realize that this may be your first webcast, and you’re not equipped or staffed to set this up yourself. That’s why we take care of the mini-website for the webcast, built to your specifications, as well as all broadcasting and archiving of the event. Our philosophy is that this is your event, and when you hire us, we work for you… which is why you won’t find our logo or name on any of the events we do, and all the files and rights remain with you. We’re here as your webcasting department.

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