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All you need to do is organize the event... contact us to arrange the rest! From video production to event web page design, we have 10 years of webcasting experience to draw from. We've seen every variation you can imagine -- from pay-per-view to videoconference capture, from the Apollo Theater in New York City to the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro! When you put our team to work on your event, you can breathe a sigh of relief... the go team is on the job.

Live Broadcasting in Flash

In addition to our Windows Media Video and Audio streaming, we take advantage of the popularity of video sharing by providing live Flash Video and Audio broadcasting. Flash is stable, compatible, clear and crisp -- a better webcasting experience and a superior format.

The Conference Interface

We have developed a specific method for broadcasting multi-presenter, multi-room conferences centered around the conference agenda page, where your full agenda is displayed and the segment that is live right now is highlighted, so your audience always knows where they are in the agenda, and what's playing in the other room.